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Olive Oil

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Why Olive Oil From Greece?

Greece is the third largest producer of olive oil after Spain and Italy according to the International Olive Oil Council.(http://www.internationaloliveoil.org)

On an annual basis Greece produces an estimated 300,000 tons, compared to an est. 1.2 million tons from Spain and 600,000 tons from Italy. In Greece, however 82% of olive oil production is extra virgin olive oil compared to 65% from Italy and 30% from Spain.

Greece, where Olive oil is a key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet,  has the highest consumption at 6.2 gallons per capita annual consumption.

 Why buy direct from us, the producers?

 Our philosophy is to allow our customers to enjoy the pure taste of olive oil as we do, back in Greece. Unadulterated, without chemicals or preservatives, full of taste and genuine aroma. Enjoyed in its fullest during breakfast, lunch and dinner for a healthier life.

Let us bring the Taste of Greece, the taste of pure, high quality olive oil, to your plate

 Our promise

We promise to always provide the highest quality olive oil from our groves and estates in Greece. Our product is bottled only after an order is placed to minimize oxidation. We bottle by hand and our label will provide you with the Olive tree variety, producer’s name and location, the harvest time as well as the expiration or “Best consumed by” date. Our bottles contain 100% olive oil that contains:

 - No additives

 - No mixtures of lower grade olive oils, and

- Absolutely NO preservatives

You can buy your olive oil from us with confidence that you are buying the absolute best possible quality olive oil.

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